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The Three Bears (Looney Tunes): Quiz


Question 1: Like any good family should, Mama Bear and Junior Bear obey, but Mama's ________ and Junior's creaky cradle keep Papa from getting the sleep he himself advocated.
Obesity hypoventilation syndromeSnoringOndine's curseSleep apnea

Question 2: Aside from Norman Lear's aforementioned All in the Family, ________ repeated Jones family scenario in their Baby Huey series of cartoons.
Fleischer StudiosFamous StudiosParamount PicturesSuperman (1940s cartoons)

Question 3: However, in the initial entry ________ played Papa, and Kent Rogers played Junior (Freberg assuming the role after Rogers's death in World War II).
Looney TunesWarner Bros. CartoonsBugs BunnyMel Blanc

Question 4: The Three Bears are animated cartoon characters in the Warner Bros. ________ and Merrie Melodies series of cartoons.
Looney TunesWhat's New, Scooby-Doo?Warner Bros. CartoonsBugs Bunny

Question 5: Here, alpha-male Papa Bear decides that it's time for the Bears to ________.
EstivationDormancyEmbryonic diapauseHibernation

Question 6: For the bulk of the series, Voice actors Billy Bletcher, ________, and Stan Freberg played Papa, Mama, and Junior, respectively.
Gale GordonMel BlancGeorge BurnsBea Benaderet

Question 7: In the short, Papa Bear tries to feed his starving family by having them act out their roles in the traditional ________ from which they derive their name.
FablePoetryFantasyFairy tale

Question 8: As Jones himself was never shy to point out, this cartoon and others in the series anticipate the failings and foibles that would later make the sitcom ________ such a success.
All in the FamilyThe JeffersonsArchie Bunker's PlaceMaude (TV series)

Question 9: Animator ________ introduced the trio in the 1944 cartoon Bugs Bunny and the Three Bears.
Warner Bros. CartoonsLooney TunesDaffy DuckChuck Jones

Question 10: Mama Bear made a cameo appearance in the 1950 ________ short The Scarlet Pumpernickel.
Looney TunesDaffy DuckBugs BunnyPorky Pig


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