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The Swatch Group: Quiz


Question 1: The Swatch Group owns several companies which do research (Asulab, EM Microelectronic-Marin, Oscilloquartz SA), produce movements (________, Valjoux, F.
ETA SARolexAllgemeine Gesellschaft der schweizerischen Uhrenindustrie AGOmega SA

Question 2: The Swatch Group Ltd. (SIXUHR, UHRN) is a Swiss company and the biggest watch ________ in the world.

Question 3: Swiss watch quality was high, but new technology such as the Hamilton Electric watch introduced in 1957 and the Bulova Accutron tuning fork ________ introduced in 1961 presaged increasing high technology competition.
Chronometer watchWatchMarine chronometerClock

Question 4: In 1994, Swatch entered into a joint venture with Germany's ________ to produce the Smart Car, but they later withdrew from this project.
DaimlerChrysler-Mitsubishi allianceVolkswagen GroupBMWDaimler AG

Question 5: The launch of the new Swatch brand "Swatch" watch in 1983, by the then ________ CEO Ernst Thomke and his young team of engineers, was marked by bold new styling and design.
RolexOmega SAThe Swatch GroupETA SA

Question 6: In 1998, Swatch invented "Swatch Internet Time", intended as a global timesystem, which divides the day into 1000 "beats" in a single worldwide ________.
Time zoneCoordinated Universal TimeRadio clockTime offset

Question 7: In October 2004, Swatch introduced its first smart watch, the Paparazzi, based on ________ Corporation's SPOT (Smart Personal Objects Technology) technology.
Internet ExplorerMicrosoft OfficeMicrosoft WindowsMicrosoft


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