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Question 1: [8] Waugh see the film not depicting gay men on screen, but reaffirming ________ and negative stereotypes of gay men and gay sex.

Question 2: Both individuals reach ________, and the gentleman caller walks off-camera.
EjaculationSexual intercourseMasturbationOrgasm

Question 3: The first known motion pictures depicting nude men were made by ________ in the 1880s and 1890s as part of his studies of human locomotion.
FilmSacramento, CaliforniaEadweard MuybridgeThe Photographer

Question 4: As the "lady" completes her boudoir, she lifts her skirts to reveal a thick patch of ________.
Pubic hairHair removalFacial hairBikini waxing

Question 5: The Surprise of a Knight at the ________
CDNOWBox Office MojoInternet Movie

Question 6: The main character of the film is a ________, and yet nearly all the audience members could say that they were not drag queens.
TransgenderTranssexualismDrag queenDrag king

Question 7: The Surprise of a Knight is a gay, hardcore ________ from the United States.
Pornographic actorBDSMProstitutionPornographic film

Question 8: About a year later, in A Stiff Game, an ________ male would engage in fellatio on a Caucasian man without the need for drag.
African-American Civil Rights Movement (1955–1968)African American cultureGreat Migration (African American)African American

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