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Question 1: The player controls Torque, a man who has been sent to Abbott State Penitentiary on Carnate Island, ________.

Question 2: The Suffering plays as a traditional first or ________, employing the controls of the former but allowing players to switch between the two camera angles.
Survival horrorPlatform gameFighting gameThird-person shooter

Question 3: The Suffering is a video game developed by Surreal Software and published by ________, released in 2004 for the Xbox, PlayStation 2 and PC.
Warner Bros. Interactive EntertainmentMonolith ProductionsRocksteady StudiosMidway Games

Question 4: The weapons provided to the player are reminiscent of those found in prisons: shivs, revolvers, ________, and a wide array of less common weapons.
Molotov cocktailSuomi KP/-31World War IIMosin–Nagant

Question 5: Each creature in The Suffering represents varied methods of execution including ________ and gassing.
Capital punishmentTortureHangingDecapitation

Question 6: The game featured monster designs by ________.
Terminator SalvationStan WinstonAliens versus Predator versus The TerminatorJames Cameron

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