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The Stone Rose: Quiz


Question 1: Or the Doctor is referring to ________.
Battlefield (Doctor Who)The Happiness PatrolSilver NemesisThe Greatest Show in the Galaxy

Question 2: Since the Doctor has no pockets to carry the ________, they use one of Rose's hairpins to open the door.
Doctor Who story chronologyTARDISCompanion (Doctor Who)Sonic screwdriver

Question 3: They take a donkey-drawn carriage to Gracillis's ________, which takes them a couple of days.
SkyscraperVillaApartmentNew town

Question 4: An abridged audio book version of The Stone Rose read by David Tennant was released in July 2006 (ISBN 1-84607-063-5) by ________.
BBCRaidió Teilifís ÉireannTG4Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation

Question 5: He begins checking temples, starting with ________'s, and asking about statues made by Ursus.
ApolloJupiter (mythology)Religion in ancient RomeMinerva

Question 6: The book mentions ________ and Sherlock Holmes when the Doctor is doing his 'detective work'.
Hercule PoirotAgatha ChristieLord Edgware DiesMurder on the Orient Express

Question 7: Rose, Jackie, and the Doctor visit the ________ where Mickey has discovered a statue of the goddess Fortuna from second century Rome, which looks exactly like Rose.
Imperial War MuseumVictoria and Albert MuseumBritish MuseumNational Gallery (London)

Question 8: This disease was mentioned in "________", but not while Rose was present (and she was possessed by Cassandra for most of the episode).
The Christmas InvasionDoctor WhoNew EarthTenth Doctor

Question 9: The TARDIS brings them to a 'not-so-nice part of town' in AD 120, during the Ides of March; ________ is Emperor.
HadrianLucius VerusTrajanMarcus Aurelius

Question 10: When the Doctor and Rose are discussing bringing back the chipped and broken Rose statue, Mickey asks if her hand will grow back, like the Doctor's did in "________".
Companion (Doctor Who)The Stolen EarthThe Christmas InvasionDoctor (Doctor Who)


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