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Question 1:
What company distributed The Special Relationship (film)?
Roadshow Attractions Inc.
Village Roadshow Limited
Village Roadshow Productions
Roadshow Films

Question 2: [8] She also watched video clips of her on ________ and tried to "get the flavor of her speech across" without directly imitating her accent.
Google searchGoogleGoogle VideosYouTube

Question 3: The film stars Michael Sheen as Blair, Dennis Quaid as Clinton, Hope Davis as Hillary Rodham Clinton, and Helen McCrory as ________.
United KingdomTony BlairLiverpoolCherie Blair

Question 4:
Who wrote The Special Relationship (film)?

Question 5:
What studio produced The Special Relationship (film)?
Sandstorm Films
Laura Ziskins Productions
Millennium Films
Trilogy Films

Question 6: on locations including ________ and Constitution Avenue.
Massachusetts Avenue (Washington, D.C.)Wisconsin AvenuePennsylvania Avenue14th Street Northwest and Southwest (Washington, D.C.)

Question 7:
When was The Special Relationship (film) released?

Question 8:
Who of the following starred in The Special Relationship (film)?

Question 9:
Who of the following was a direct of The Special Relationship (film)?

Question 10: After filming the cinema version in the larger format, Ackroyd trimmed the picture for the television version using a ________ technique.
Pan and scanLetterbox16 mm filmWidescreen


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