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The Song of Hiawatha: Quiz


Question 1: The skit was actually performed hundreds if not thousands of times, most famously on ________.
Saturday Night Live castSaturday Night LiveRecurring Saturday Night Live characters and sketches (listed chronologically)Recurring Saturday Night Live characters and sketches

Question 2: [24] ________ was inspired by The Song of Hiawatha to write a similar epic poem on Pocahontas, though she never completed it.
William Cullen BryantIndianapolisWilliam CowperLydia Sigourney

Question 3: ________ called it "the most parodied poem in the English language"[26]; as noted above, parodies began to appear even before the poem was published.
Harvard UniversityThe AtlanticEdward WagenknechtAmerican literature

Question 4: The poem was later used as the basis for a three-part cantata, Scenes from the Song of Hiawatha (1898—1900), by the English composer ________, who also named his son Hiawatha.
Edward ElgarClassical musicSamuel Coleridge-TaylorMalcolm Sargent

Question 5: by transferring the hero to a distant region and identifying him with Manabozho, a fantastic divinity of the ________.
OjibweFirst NationsMississaugasAnishinaabe

Question 6: Longfellow took the name from works by ________, whom he acknowledged as his main sources.
Sault Ste. Marie, MichiganWayne County, MichiganAlcona County, MichiganHenry Schoolcraft

Question 7: The 1941 Warner Bros. cartoon, Hiawatha's Rabbit Hunt, featuring Bugs Bunny and a pint-sized version of Hiawatha, was nominated for an ________.
Academy Award for Best DirectorAcademy AwardAcademy Award for Best ActorAcademy Award for Best Picture

Question 8: Forever Free, 1867
There is virtually no connection, apart from name, between Longfellow's hero and the sixteenth-century Iroquois chief Hiawatha who co-founded the ________.
Seneca nationFrench and Indian WarMohawk nationIroquois

Question 9: ________ wrote a poem, Hiawatha's Photographing, which he introduced by noting "In an age of imitation, I can claim no special merit for this slight attempt at doing what is known to be so easy.
Through the Looking-GlassJabberwockyAlice LiddellLewis Carroll

Question 10: ________ used this as a song on one of their albums; although, they made it refer to Hiawatha.
Dick SmothersTom SmothersThe Smothers Brothers Comedy HourSmothers Brothers


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