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Question 1: [5] He was replaced for this one occasion by the cosmologist Chris Lintott of ________, but returned for the August programme.
University of OxfordUniversity of SouthamptonOxford Brookes UniversityUniversity of Cambridge

Question 2: The Sky at Night at the ________
Amazon.comBox Office MojoCDNOWInternet Movie Database

Question 3: Many of the world's leading astronomers have appeared on the show through the years, including Harlow Shapley, who was the first to measure the size of the Milky Way galaxy, Fred Hoyle and ________.
Carl SaganCosmos: A Personal VoyageNASACosmos (book)

Question 4: The ________ celebrated the 50th anniversary of the show by naming asteroid 57424 Caelumnoctu (the number referring to the first broadcast date and the name being Latin for "The Sky at Night").
ParisRomeMoscowInternational Astronomical Union

Question 5: [4] Other guests have included Astronomer Royal Sir Martin Rees, and ________ professors John Zarnecki, Monica Grady, Edwin Maher, and Colin Pillinger.
Buckinghamshire New UniversityOxford Brookes UniversityOpen UniversityCanterbury Christ Church University

Question 6: The programme also covers what is happening in the night sky at the time it is being broadcast, especially when something less common, such as a ________ or a meteor shower, is present.
Centaur (minor planet)SunSolar SystemComet

Question 7: In the ________, Patrick Moore is listed as the most prolific presenter in the world, having hosted all but one episode of the Sky at Night since 1957.
Guinness World RecordsNBA recordsMotorcycle land speed recordLand speed record

Question 8: Brian May (of Queen fame), a Ph.D. in ________[6], is a guest on the show from time to time.
AstrophysicsAstronomyCelestial mechanicsUniverse

Question 9: In July 2004, Moore was unable to make the broadcast due to a severe bout of ________.
CholeraEscherichia coli O157:H7CampylobacteriosisSalmonellosis

Question 10: The Sky at Night at ________ last updated October 2008
BBC OnlineBBC iPlayerBBC Red ButtonBBC Radio


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