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The Sisters Grimm (novel series): Quiz


Question 1: ________- An ancient Russian witch and reluctant ally of the Grimms.
Triglav (mythology)Baba YagaDomovoiLeshy

Question 2: Mirror - The well-known mirror from the story of ________.
CinderellaSleeping BeautySnow WhiteSnow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1955 film)

Question 3: One of them turns out to be the world’s most famous fairy-tale character and the other, the ________, an unstoppable killing machine.
Through the Looking-GlassJabberwockyLewis CarrollAlice Liddell

Question 4: A running gag in the books is that he reacts badly to ________.
Black puddingSausageNational dishSpain

Question 5: The Sisters Grimm is a children's ________ series written by Michael Buckley and illustrated by Peter Ferguson.
Fairy taleNovelFantasySpeculative fiction

Question 6: Along the way they'll meet Alice, Mowgli, Jack the Giant Killer, ________, and the Headless Horseman.
Grimm's Fairy TalesFairy taleBrothers GrimmHansel and Gretel

Question 7: The series centers on Sabrina and Daphne Grimm, descendants of the ________.
August Wilhelm SchlegelBrothers GrimmRomanticismE. T. A. Hoffmann

Question 8: Unfortunately, ________ is a city filled with wand-wielding fairy godfathers, swashbuckling Wall Street pirates, subway stealing dwarfs, and worst of all...
New York metropolitan areaManhattanBrooklynNew York City

Question 9: Puss in Boots (now an exterminator), ________ (a radio relationship counselor), Sleeping Beauty (owner of a coffee shop), and their old enemy, Prince Charming, are among the many suspects.
RapunzelCinderellaBrothers GrimmSnow White

Question 10: Canis is the human form of the ________.
Big Bad WolfNu, pogodi!Bugs BunnyLittle Red Riding Hood


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