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The Shape of Things to Come (Lost): Quiz


Question 1: [51] Jay Glatfelter of ________ wrote that "'The Shape of Things to Come' was the perfect episode to get everyone back into the swing of Lost.
Drudge ReportDaily KosFox News ChannelThe Huffington Post

Question 2: "The Shape of Things to Come" is one of a few Lost episodes to contain footage filmed outside ________.
United StatesAlaskaFloridaHawaii

Question 3: It wasn't a mindfuck à la '________'.
EggtownThe ConstantThere's No Place Like HomeLost (TV series)

Question 4: Hoban later also acted as a stunt double for Dominic Monaghan, who plays ________, a major character in the first three seasons.
Charlie PaceLost (season 1)Lost (TV series)Through the Looking Glass (Lost)

Question 5: [22] Shooting began on March 10 and continued through March 25,[23] alongside filming of "________".
Something Nice Back HomeEggtownLost (TV series)Lost (season 4)

Question 6: ________ (Jeremy Davies) calls the freighter and asks what happened to Ray via morse code.
Daniel FaradayLost (TV series)Charlotte Lewis (Lost)The Constant

Question 7: Daniel lies about the response, saying that rescue helicopters will be sent soon; however, ________ (Sam Anderson) calls him on this and correctly interprets the freighter's message: "What are you talking about?
Lost (season 2)Lost (season 3)Lost (TV series)Rose and Bernard

Question 8: "The Shape of Things to Come" was written alongside "________" and "Cabin Fever" in February and March 2008.
Lost (TV series)EggtownLost (season 4)Something Nice Back Home

Question 9: [24] The scene where Ben confronts Widmore was actually filmed in London, England, because actor Alan Dale was unable to fly to Hawaii as he had been appearing in a production of the play ________.
SpamalotMonty PythonEric IdleMonty Python and the Holy Grail

Question 10: [53] Kristin Dos Santos of ________ agreed with Sepinwall's latter assessment.
Fox News ChannelCNBC AsiaE!Turner Classic Movies (Asia)


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