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The Shadow Over Innsmouth: Quiz


Question 1: In the first chapter, the narrator begins by telling the reader that a secret investigation has recently been undertaken by the government at the ruined town of ________, Massachusetts, and that the story told to them by the narrator himself is the reason for this investigation.
ArkhamInnsmouthH. P. LovecraftDunwich (Lovecraft)

Question 2: One of the few completely human residents of ________.
ArkhamDunwich (Lovecraft)H. P. LovecraftInnsmouth

Question 3: The character, unnamed in "A Shadow Over Innsmouth", is called "Robert Olmstead" in Lovecraft's notes for the story, published in ________'s Something About Cats and Other Pieces (1949).
August DerlethCthulhu Mythos anthologyS. T. JoshiArkham House

Question 4: Lovecraft was evidently impressed by this tale, writing in a letter to ________: "God!
Arkham HouseH. P. LovecraftAugust DerlethFrank Belknap Long

Question 5: The narrator of the story, he discovers ________ on a tour of New England seeking genealogical information, and finds more than he bargains for.
ArkhamInnsmouthDunwich (Lovecraft)H. P. Lovecraft

Question 6: ________ called "The Shadow Over Innsmouth" "a dark, brooding story, typical of Lovecraft at his best."[18]
August DerlethCthulhuS. T. JoshiH. P. Lovecraft

Question 7: "The Shadow Over Innsmouth," ________'s original novella about Innsmouth
CthulhuS. T. JoshiH. P. LovecraftLovecraftian horror

Question 8: The town of Innsmouth is the setting for the German Ullstein Verlag ________ book Stadt der Dämonen ("City of Demons").
Role-playing game termsLive action role-playing gameRole-playing gameRole-playing game (pen and paper)

Question 9: His father, Onesiphorus Marsh, was Obed's son by his first, fully human wife, while his mother, never seen in public, was apparently a ________.
Deep OneDagon (film)InnsmouthGreat Old One

Question 10: The reader plays the role of a ________ who attempts to prevent the resurrection of Dagon, which takes place in the town.
ArchaeologyCuratorAnthropologyUnited Kingdom

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