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Question 1: [2] In addition to driving a newly redesigned Mercedes-Benz 500SL for the 1990 model year, Eastwood's character is also seen driving a uniquely colored ________ during a criminal pursuit.
Lotus EliseLotus EspritLotus ElanLotus Evora

Question 2: The score for the film which included elements of ________ music and considerable use of the trumpet instrument, was originally composed by American saxophonist Lennie Niehaus.
JazzDixielandAmerican popular musicBlues

Question 3: The film stars ________, Clint Eastwood, Raul Julia, Sonia Braga, Lara Flynn Boyle and Tom Skerritt.
Cynthia McKinneyJuliette BinocheJesse VenturaCharlie Sheen

Question 4: The film was initially released in ________ video format on May 27, 1992.
Blu-ray DiscVHSLaserdiscHD DVD

Question 5: Within ________, filming was done primarily on location in Saratoga, San Jose and Los Angeles.
San Francisco Bay AreaCaliforniaSacramento, CaliforniaNorthern California

Question 6: [6] Frazier demonstrated how ________ played a significant and key role during the scene.
GravitationEquivalence principleIntroduction to general relativityGeneral relativity

Question 7: [2] Sheen's character also takes part in a scene involving an older, rare ________, riding head-on through the front door of a residential home.
Harley-DavidsonWest Coast ChoppersIndian (motorcycle)Buell Motorcycle Company

Question 8: Shot entirely on location in California during the spring of 1990, the film is distinctly remembered for its elaborate ________ and extravagant commanding theatrics.
Explosive materialFireworksPyrotechnicsThe Undertaker

Question 9: [32] Currently, there is no exact set date on a future ________ release for the film, though recently it has been reported that the release date will be sometime in 2010.
DVDBlu-ray DiscOptical disc authoringHD DVD

Question 10: [5] For the action sequences involving aircraft at the San Jose airport, a Hunza twin engine jet was used to collide with a Conver 880 that was disguised as a 150-passenger ________.
Boeing 757Boeing 727Boeing 737Boeing 747


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