The Revenge of Shinobi: Quiz

Question 1: The aircraft is controlled by a powerful supercomputer that houses a human ________.
Nervous systemDigestionBrainSensory system

Question 2: Detroit: ________ is one big junkyard, heaps upon heaps of cars, running through conveyor belts and into a melting furnace.
Grosse PointeDetroitDearborn, MichiganMetro Detroit

Question 3: The player controls Joe Musashi and must complete 8 ________ before the final confrontation with the head of Neo Zeed.
DistrictIndependent cityProvinceMunicipality

Question 4: The final battle is fought on top of an armoured vehicle carrying a gigantic ________.
Anti-ballistic missileIntercontinental ballistic missileBallistic missileAir-to-air missile

Question 5: A suite of music from the game was performed live by an orchestra at the Fourth ________ in 2006 at the Gewandhaus zu Leipzig, Germany.
Play! A Video Game SymphonyChrono TriggerJonne ValtonenSymphonic Game Music Concerts

Question 6: The game is a traditional side-scrolling ________.
First-person shooterVideo game genresPlatform gameFighting game

Question 7: Area code 818: This stage takes Musashi past skyscrapers and ________.

Question 8: At the end of this district, he is confronted by the mighty ________ Blue Lobster.
Edo periodJapanMiyamoto MusashiSamurai

Question 9: The second scene takes Musashi on board an ________.
AirlineContinental AirlinesNorthwest AirlinesAmerican Airlines

Question 10: Once he makes it past the waterfalls, the district moves on to the darkened roof tops of ________, and eventually into a blinding disco where Shinobi must battle with the Shadow Dancer.
TokyoGreater Tokyo AreaMinato, TokyoBeijing

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