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The Real Ramona: Quiz


Question 1: Released in 1991, it was the last album recorded by the band before the departure of founding member ________.
The BreedersTanya DonellyKim DealLast Splash

Question 2: "Not Too Soon" – 3:09 (________)
Kim DealThe BreedersTanya DonellyLast Splash

Question 3: all songs written by ________ except where noted.
Kristin Hersh discographyThrowing MusesKristin HershTanya Donelly

Question 4: The band's two heavyweights, ________ and Tanya Donelly, had been the anchor holding the entire group down.
Kristin Hersh discographyPixiesKristin HershThrowing Muses

Question 5: "Two Step" – 4:34 (________)
The Real RamonaThrowing Muses discographyKristin HershThrowing Muses

Question 6: The Real Ramona is an album by ________.
Throwing Muses discographyUniversity (album)Throwing MusesKristin Hersh


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