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Question 1: The Rapeman's garb is different in the anime version, as he is dressed in quasi-________ gear.
Ninja in popular cultureNinjaSamuraiJapan

Question 2:
The Rapeman, Resident Evil: Degeneration and Nana (manga) are all:
Japanese films Manga of 1985 Fictional rapists Hentai anime and manga

Question 3: A two-episode ________ was released in 1994 chronicling his exploits in the first volume of the manga.
Original video animationAnimeDirect-to-videoSaint Seiya

Question 4: Hanzo the Razor - A 70s Feudal Japan set ________ in which the protagonist uses rape to extract information.
Exploitation filmB movies (The exploitation boom)B movieHorror film

Question 5: The comic received a cult following in the ________ due to its name and the curiosity of the subject matter.
United StatesPhilippinesCanadaAlaska

Question 6:
The Rapeman, Freddy Krueger and Deathstroke are all:
Hentai anime and manga Anime OVAs Fictional rapists Manga of 1985

Question 7: The Rapeman (The レイプマン ?) was an erotic black comedy/satire, Japanese ________ series for adults.
MangaYaoiManga outside JapanShōjo manga

Question 8:
The Rapeman, Original video animation and Bible Black are all:
Anime OVAs Manga of 1985 Hentai anime and manga Japanese films

Question 9:
The Rapeman, Bible Black and La Blue Girl are all:
Fictional rapists Anime OVAs Hentai anime and manga Anime of 1994

Question 10:
The Rapeman, Ranma and Oh My Goddess! are all:
Fictional rapists Anime of 1994 Japanese films Hentai anime and manga

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