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Question 1: The Punisher is a 2005 action game which stars the ________ antihero, The Punisher.
Marvel StudiosMarvel ComicsMarvel AnimationMarvel Entertainment

Question 2: The Punisher is voiced by actor ________; the same actor who portrayed him in the 2004 film.
United StatesThomas JaneSteve NilesThe Punisher (2004 film)

Question 3: The remainder of the game occurs in moments of ________ during this interrogation.
Unreliable narratorFlashbackBuffy the Vampire Slayer (TV series)One Thousand and One Nights

Question 4: Actor ________ returned to voice the character.
United StatesThomas JaneThe Punisher (2004 film)Steve Niles

Question 5: ________ - Leader of S.H.I.E.L.D., aids the Punisher on Kreigkopf's island.
Advanced Idea MechanicsStan LeeIron ManNick Fury

Question 6: He is then transferred to Ryker's Island and ________ by Detectives Molly Van Richtofen and Martin Soap.

Question 7: The game's environments also feature interrogation "hot spots", where the ________ can essentially torture his enemies, coercing them to share information that may help him in his quest.
VigilanteExtrajudicial punishmentExtrajudicial killingDeath squad

Question 8: Black Widow - Agent of ________, helps the Punisher take down the Russian mercenaries.
S.H.I.E.L.D.Advanced Idea MechanicsHYDRANick Fury

Question 9: ________ - Owner and CEO of Stark Industries.
Advanced Idea MechanicsIron ManStan LeeStark Tower

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