The Plucky Duck Show: Quiz

Question 1: After the show was canceled, the Batduck episode was edited somewhat and added in as an episode of ________.
Tiny Toon AdventuresAnimaniacsFreakazoid!Pinky and the Brain

Question 2: Of the thirteen episodes, only the first one (entitled "Return of Batduck" in homage to the then-new movie ________) was original to the series.
Batman ForeverBatman & Robin (film)Batman ReturnsBatman (1989 film)

Question 3: Bat’s All, Folks: Plucky and Hamton star as Batduck and Decoy, a parody of ________ and Robin.
Copperhead (DC Comics)Superman & Batman: GenerationsBatmanSuperman/Batman

Question 4: Video Game Blues: A musical number in which Plucky sings about his addiction to video games; set to music from ________.
Swan LakeThe NutcrackerThe Royal BalletNew York City Ballet

Question 5: Animation studio, but concentrating attention mainly on ________.
Hamton J. PigTiny Toon AdventuresBabs and Buster BunnyPlucky Duck

Question 6: Istanbul (Not Constantinople): Another "video," set to the ________ version of Istanbul (Not Constantinople).
They Might Be GiantsJohn LinnellThey Might Be Giants discographyDon't Let's Start

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