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The Pilot (Seinfeld): Quiz


Question 1: "The Pilot" is the two-part season finale episode of the fourth season of ________.
SeinfeldCosmo KramerJerry Seinfeld (character)Elaine Benes

Question 2: Kramer resolves his constipation by administering himself an ________.
SuppositoryIntraperitoneal injectionEnemaDosage form

Question 3: The real Kramer has intestinal problems and, on his way to find a bathroom, he gets delayed by being mugged and "misses his chance" to resolve the problem, resulting in ________.
Ulcerative colitisConstipationCrohn's diseaseIrritable bowel syndrome

Question 4: ________, now best known as Detective Olivia Benson on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, auditions for the role of Elaine and offends George with her "Bald Convention" comment.
Edie FalcoMariska HargitayJennifer GarnerKyra Sedgwick

Question 5: Russell Dalrymple, the president at ________ behind the pilot, is obsessed with Elaine.
Universal SportsNBCTelemundoShopNBC

Question 6: Jeremy Piven auditions and eventually plays The ________ character.
George SteinbrennerJoe DiMaggioGeorge CostanzaBobby Murcer

Question 7: The sample lines used by the actors in the audition sequences are real "Seinfeld" lines, taken from such earlier episodes as "________", "The Deal", "The Note", and "The Boyfriend, Part 1".
The Pony RemarkThe Ex-GirlfriendJerry SeinfeldSeinfeld (season 2)

Question 8: ________
Mariska Hargitay
Larry Hankin
Peter Crombie
Teri Hatcher
Jane Leeves
Ping Wu
Lanei Chapman
Brian Doyle-Murray
Jeremy IronsRobert Downey, Jr.Jeremy PivenJohn Lithgow

Question 9: One of the men accompanying the former NBC president Russell Dalrymple (Bob Balaban) when he is on a dinghy for Greenpeace is played by ________.
Garry ShandlingLarry DavidJerry SeinfeldLarry Charles

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