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Question 1: Written by series co-creators Seinfeld and Larry David and directed by Tom Cherones, the episode was produced to replace a script by staff writer ________.
Larry CharlesGarry ShandlingPrimetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Writing – Comedy SeriesJames L. Brooks

Question 2: ""The Phone Message"" at the ________
Box Office MojoInternet Movie

Question 3: Meanwhile, his friend ________ (Jason Alexander) leaves an obnoxious message on the answering machine of his girlfriend, and has to go to a lot of trouble to prevent her from hearing it.
Bobby MurcerJoe DiMaggioGeorge CostanzaGeorge Steinbrenner

Question 4: Series co-creator ________ co-wrote the episode with Seinfeld in two days, as, with the cancellation of "The Bet", they had little time to write the script.
Garry ShandlingJerry SeinfeldLarry CharlesLarry David

Question 5: Once she leaves his car he realizes he made a mistake, as "coffee" is a ________ for sex.
Book burningEuphemismCensorshipMedia bias

Question 6: [1] During his date with Donna, Jerry would mention his remark about ponies in the earlier episode "________", but this was later changed to remark about leaving a note when committing suicide.
SeinfeldThe Pony RemarkSeinfeld (season 2)The Ex-Girlfriend

Question 7: Staff writer ________ had written a script for an episode entitled "The Bet".
Larry DavidLarry CharlesPrimetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Writing – Comedy SeriesJames L. Brooks

Question 8: [5] David had previously written a sketch for ________ regarding a man who went into his girlfriend's house to erase her answering machine.
Saturday Night Live castRecurring Saturday Night Live characters and sketches (listed chronologically)Recurring Saturday Night Live characters and sketchesSaturday Night Live

Question 9: "The Phone Message" is the ninth episode of the ________ sitcom Seinfeld, and the fourth of the show's second season.
ShopNBCNBCUniversal SportsTelemundo

Question 10: Charles had written an episode called "The Bet", revolving around ________ (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) buying a handgun.
Elaine BenesJerry Seinfeld (character)SeinfeldCosmo Kramer


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