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Question 1: There are several quotes to the Italian opera ________ (the force of destiny), and it's mentioned that Baudelaires' parents attended the show.
Un ballo in mascheraAttila (opera)La forza del destinoErnani

Question 2: The Penultimate Peril and The End are the only books in the series to use the same cover picture for both editions (although the British cover for ________ had a redrawn version of the American cover).
The Grim GrottoThe Wide WindowThe Vile VillageThe Austere Academy

Question 3: Poe, refers to ________, an influential French philosopher of the 1900s.
Gilbert RyleLudwig WittgensteinHenri BergsonGottfried Leibniz

Question 4: Angered, Olaf declares that he is going to the roof to get the specimen of ________ which he will spread through the hotel, killing everyone.
Count OlafThe Grim GrottoFauna of A Series of Unfortunate EventsFlora of A Series of Unfortunate Events

Question 5: She leads them to an Indian restaurant in the hotel, run by Hal from ________.
The Miserable MillThe Hostile HospitalThe Grim GrottoThe Austere Academy

Question 6: Odious Lusting After Finance, the book written by Jerome Squalor against injustice, is a ________ of "OLAF".
Acronym and initialismFuckBackronymAdidas

Question 7: The Penultimate Peril is the twelfth novel in the book series ________ by Lemony Snicket.
Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events (video game)A Series of Unfortunate EventsLemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate EventsDaniel Handler

Question 8: Olaf then uses chemicals and a ________ to light sheets from a laundry room on fire.

Question 9: Dewey's name is a reference to the ________, which is how the entire hotel is organized.
Vannevar BushDewey Decimal ClassificationCycKnowledge base

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