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The Pardoner's Tale: Quiz


Question 1: The cross he carries appears to be studded with precious stones that are in fact bits of common ________.
NonmetalHalogenMetalNoble gas

Question 2:

Question 3: ________, an influential theologian of the late medieval period, had a philosophy concerning how God was able to work through evil people and deeds in order to accomplish good ends.
Duns ScotusImmanuel KantBlaise PascalThomas Aquinas

Question 4: Instead of selling genuine relics, the bones he carries belong to pigs, not departed ________.
Orthodox ChurchChristianityJesusSaint

Question 5: The old man in particular is an ________ character, who could represent good, evil, God's mercy, Death, or the Pardoner himself.
Begging the questionAmbiguityFallacyAristotle

Question 6: [citation needed] The book (and film) ________ has strong similarities to The Pardoner's Tale, suggesting that it might have been influenced by it.
Blood MeridianNo Country for Old MenAll the Pretty Horses (novel)No Country for Old Men (film)

Question 7: The story is in the form of an ________: the Pardoner first explains the theme he will address, then tells his story and finally draws the conclusion he had already mentioned in his introduction.
De Casibus Virorum IllustriumExemplumPilgrimageDe mulieribus claris

Question 8: "The Pardoner's Tale" (Middle English: The Pardoners Tale) is one of the The Canterbury Tales by ________.
The Knight's TaleTroilus and CriseydeThe Legend of Good WomenGeoffrey Chaucer

Question 9: The tale is based on a folk-tale of ________ origin, although many variations exist.
OrientAsiaEastern worldPhilippines

Question 10: ________'s The Second Jungle Book includes a story The King's Ankus, the plot of which mirrors The Pardoner's Tale.
George Bernard ShawNobel Prize in LiteratureKnut HamsunRudyard Kipling

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