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The Origins of Totalitarianism: Quiz


Question 1: It was recognized upon its ________ publication as the comprehensive account of its subject and was later hailed as a classic by the Times Literary Supplement.

Question 2: Along with bureaucracy, which was experimented with in Egypt by Lord Cromer, Arendt says that racism was the main trait of colonialist imperialism, itself characterized by its unlimited expansion (as illustrated by ________).
ZimbabweSouthern RhodesiaCecil RhodesSouth Africa

Question 3: This unlimited expansion necessarily opposed itself and was hostile to the territorially delimited ________.
FranceNation stateGermanyItaly

Question 4: This ________ continues to be one of the definitive philosophical analyses of totalitarianism, at least in its 20th century form.

Question 5: The book's final section is devoted to describing the mechanics of totalitarian movements, focusing on ________ and Stalinist Russia.
Adolf HitlerNazismAxis powersNazi Germany

Question 6: ________'s Imperialism (1902)
John A. HobsonClassical economicsCapitalismDerby

Question 7: She then examines "continental imperialism" (pangermanism and ________) and the emergence of "movements" substituting themselves to the political parties.
Scramble for AfricaRusso-Japanese WarRusso-Turkish War (1877–1878)Pan-Slavism

Question 8: Arendt concludes that while Italian fascism was a nationalist authoritarian movement, ________ and Stalinism were totalitarian movements that aimed to destroy the state.
Nazi GermanyNeo-NazismAdolf HitlerNazism

Question 9: ________ ranked the book #15 on its list of the 100 best non-fiction books of the 20th century [1].
Human EventsNational ReviewThe New RepublicThe Nation

Question 10: Elements and origins of totalitarian rule) is a book by ________ which describes and analyzes the two major totalitarian movements of the twentieth century, Nazism and Stalinism.
Jürgen HabermasHannah ArendtGeorg Wilhelm Friedrich HegelMartin Heidegger

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