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The Omega Glory: Quiz


Question 1: The Omega Glory at ________ (a Star Trek wiki)
Star Trek: First ContactTrekkieMemory AlphaStar Trek: The Motion Picture

Question 2: McCoy and Kirk try to explain that there is no ________, adding that the natives live such long lives because it's natural for them to.
Fountain of YouthAge of DiscoveryJuan Ponce de LeónFlorida

Question 3: The Yangs now bow to Kirk as a ________, but he orders them to stand and face him.

Question 4: Kirk speculates that the Kohms were originally "________" and Yangs originally "Yankees".
CommunismCommunist stateMarxismSocialism

Question 5: Captain Kirk forms a boarding party with Mr. Spock, ________, and Lt.
Hikaru SuluJames T. KirkMontgomery ScottLeonard McCoy

Question 6: Tracey then explains the prisoners are from a group of savage ________ called the "Yangs" who wage war with the villagers called the "Kohms".
EuropeBarbarianClassical antiquityDemosthenes

Question 7: McCoy questions how they know the pledge, and Spock surmises that the cultures may have developed along very similar lines to ________.

Question 8: It was preceded two weeks earlier by the remastered version of "Plato's Stepchildren" and was followed a week later by the remastered version of "________".
The Deadly YearsReturn to TomorrowBy Any Other NameThe Immunity Syndrome (Star Trek: The Original Series)

Question 9: Note that the first seven Original Series novelizations by ________ were written from early draft scripts, and were produced and published around the same time as the VM booklet.
James BlishNovellaScience fictionBlack Easter

Question 10: Cloud curiously produces a very old American Flag and removes ancient manuscripts from a box where he begins to recite words — a poorly pronounced version of the ________.
Franklin D. RooseveltDwight D. EisenhowerCriticism of the Pledge of AllegiancePledge of Allegiance


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