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The New Adventures of Superman (TV series): Quiz


Question 1: This 60-minute program included new Superman segments, and adventures featuring ________ and his sidekick Aqualad.
QwspBatmanAquamanLex Luthor

Question 2: The New Adventures of Superman was a series of six-minute animated Superman adventures produced by Filmation that were broadcast on ________ between 1966 and 1970[1].
The CW Television NetworkAmerican Broadcasting CompanyNBCCBS

Question 3: The New Adventures of Superman returned for one last time on ________, beginning September 13, 1969.
American Broadcasting CompanyThe CW Television NetworkCBSNBC

Question 4: ________ - Superman/Clark Kent (voice)
Mark GoodsonBill CullenBud CollyerTo Tell the Truth

Question 5: The New Adventures of Superman (TV series) at the ________
Box Office MojoCDNOWInternet Movie

Question 6: In 1985, Warner Home Video released seven selected episodes of the series on VHS in the "Super Powers" video collection along with ________, Batman, and Superboy.
QwspAquamanSupermanLex Luthor

Question 7: The Batman/Superman Hour premiered on September 14, 1968, featuring new two-part Superman segments alongside new Superboy shorts and the adventures of ________, Robin and Batgirl.
Copperhead (DC Comics)Superman/BatmanSuperman & Batman: GenerationsBatman

Question 8: These adventures were the first time that Superman (and his guise of ________), Lois Lane and Perry White had been seen in animated form since they were immortalized in the Superman short films of the 1940s.
Ma and Pa KentKryptoniteClark KentJimmy Olsen

Question 9: The 68 segments appeared as part of three different programs during that time, packaged with similar shorts featuring The Adventures of Superboy other ________ superheroes.
DC ComicsSupermanBatmanVertigo (DC Comics)

Question 10: and the estate of ________ over the rights to the "Superboy" name, it does not include the The Adventures of Superboy segments originally broadcast in between the Superman segments.
Action ComicsJerry SiegelKrypton (comics)Joe Shuster


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