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The Montel Williams Show: Quiz


Question 1: It was taped at the AMV Unitel 53rd Street, 433 West 53rd Street Studio in ________.
ManhattanNew York metropolitan areaNew York CityBrooklyn

Question 2: United Kingdom, on the digital freeview channel ________.

Question 3: After Viacom's purchase of ________ in 1994, Viacom Enterprises was merged into Paramount Television's distribution arm, Paramount Domestic Television.
Paramount PicturesComedy CentralNickelodeon (TV channel)Warner Bros.

Question 4: Her predictions have been the target for much criticism, and her psychic abilities written off as ________.
PsychokinesisTelepathyParapsychologyCold reading

Question 5: The Montel Williams Show (also known as Montel) was a syndicated talk show hosted by ________.
Soap operaMontel WilliamsUnited States Naval AcademyUnited States Marine Corps

Question 6: She has refused to partake in The Million Dollar Paranormal Challenge from ________, a prominent skeptic.
James RandiParapsychologyPsychokinesisMichael Shermer

Question 7: Most Wednesdays (and sometimes on Fridays as well during the summer), self-proclaimed psychic ________ is Montel's guest, and performs psychic readings of guests as well as discussing her ideas about spirituality and the afterlife.
James RandiJames Randi Educational FoundationSylvia BrowneJohn Edward

Question 8: Its distributor changed names once again in 2007, as CPDT was merged with King World Productions to form the current distributor, ________.
CBS Television StudiosCBS Studios InternationalSpelling TelevisionCBS Television Distribution

Question 9: In its early years, Montel was similar to most ________.
Oprah WinfreyGeraldo RiveraThe Jerry Springer ShowTabloid talk show

Question 10: PDT began distributing the show in fall 1995, and became CBS Paramount Domestic Television after the Viacom/________ split in 2006.
CBS Television StationsCBS CorporationInfinity Broadcasting CorporationCBS Radio


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