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The Monster with 21 Faces: Quiz


Question 1: In October 1984, a letter addressed to "Moms of the Nation" and signed by The Monster with 21 Faces was sent to ________ news agencies with a warning similar to those sent to Glico.

Question 2: Unable to capture the suspect believed to be the mastermind behind The Monster with 21 Faces, the police superintendent Yamamoto of ________ committed suicide by self-immolation in August 1985.
Yamanashi PrefectureSaitama PrefectureWakayama PrefectureShiga Prefecture

Question 3: The Monster with 21 Faces sent its first letter on May 10, 1984, to the giant food company Ezaki Glico following the kidnapping and escape of ________, president of Glico.
Yamaguchi-gumiYama-Ichi WarGlico Morinaga caseYakuza

Question 4: The ________ for the kidnapping of Katsuhisa Ezaki, president of Glico, ran out in June 1995, and the statute of limitation for the attempted poisonings ran out in February 2000.
Adversarial systemInquisitorial systemStatute of limitationsCriminal procedure


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