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The Miracle of the Sun: Quiz


Question 1: He compares this description to a recognized vision of Our Lady of Akita on October 13, 1973 to Sister Agnes Katsuko Sasagawa in ________, in which she recorded:
Akita PrefectureMiyagi PrefectureNiigata PrefectureHokkaidō

Question 2: The event was officially accepted as a miracle by the ________ on 13 October 1930.
Catholic ChurchPopePope Gregory IPope John Paul II

Question 3: Joseph Garrett, professor of natural sciences at the ________,[6] both of whom were present that day.
Aristotle University of ThessalonikiUniversity of BolognaUniversity of TartuUniversity of Coimbra

Question 4: Reports do vary; impressions are in minor details confused, but none to our knowledge has directly denied the visible prodigy of the ________."[16]
SunStarSolar SystemEarth

Question 5: [36] He suggests the cause may have been a ________.
MarsVädersolstavlanSun dogHalo (optical phenomenon)

Question 6: Author Lisa Schwebel claims that the event was a ________ extra-sensory phenomenon.

Question 7: John Haffert, founder of the ________, explains the event as a vision of the Great Chastisement.
Marian Movement of PriestsBlessed Virgin Mary (Roman Catholic)Blue Army of Our Lady of FatimaRoman Catholic Marian movements and societies

Question 8: Professor Auguste Meessen of the Institute of Physics, ________, has stated that the reported observations were optical effects caused by prolonged staring at the sun.
Old University of LouvainUniversité catholique de LouvainCatholic University of LeuvenKatholieke Universiteit Leuven

Question 9: [13] The three children also reported seeing a panorama of visions, including those of Jesus, the ________, and of Saint Joseph blessing the people.
Blessed Virgin Mary (Roman Catholic)Saint StephenSaint PeterBlessed Virgin Mary

Question 10: Paul Simons, in an article entitled "Weather Secrets of Miracle at Fátima", states that he believes it possible that some of the optical effects at Fatima may have been caused by a cloud of dust from the ________.
Thar DesertSaharaAntarcticaDesert


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