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The Miller's Tale: Quiz


Question 1:

Question 2: It is a vulgar, ribald, and satirical fabliau in stark contrast to the ________ of the Knight's Tale.
Courtly loveChemical basis for loveStorgeRomance (love)

Question 3: He also recounts a story (sometimes told of ________) of an astrologer who falls into a pit while studying the stars.

Question 4: The fifteenth-century Tale of Beryn depicts the Miller trying and failing to explain the ________ windows of Canterbury cathedral.
GlassblowingSculptureCeramic artStained glass

Question 5: The rest of the town awakens to find him lying in the tub and in accordance with Nicholas' prophecy, he is considered a madman, and a ________ too.
CandaulismCuckoldAdulterySpanish language

Question 6: The Canterbury Tales (based on ________ copies of William Caxton's editions), via a De Montfort University website
Victoria and Albert MuseumBritish LibraryNational Gallery (London)British Museum

Question 7: He borrows a red hot coulter (a blade-like ________ part) from the early-rising blacksmith.
BillhookPloughPliersGarden fork

Question 8: Nicholas is an avid astrologer (as Chaucer himself was), equipped with, "His ________, and bookes grete and smale, / His astrelabie, longynge for his art..." John the carpenter represents unintellectual laymen; John tells Nicholas:

Question 9: Read "The Miller's Tale" with interlinear translation, from a ________ website
Brown UniversityHarvard UniversityRutgers UniversityHarvard Crimson

Question 10: "The Miller's Tale" (Middle English: The Milleres Tale) is the second of ________'s Canterbury Tales (1380s-1390s), told by a drunken miller to "quite" (requite) The Knight's Tale.
The Legend of Good WomenThe Book of the DuchessGeoffrey ChaucerTroilus and Criseyde

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