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The Medium is the Massage: Quiz


Question 1: "The technique of invention was the discovery of the nineteenth [century]", brought on by the adoption of fixed points of view and perspective by typography, while "[t]he technique of the suspended judgment is the discovery of the twentieth century", brought on by the ________ abilities of radio, movies and television.
BardDruidCeltic polytheismWelsh mythology

Question 2: The Medium is the Massage: An Inventory of Effects is a book co-created by media analyst ________ and graphic designer Quentin Fiore, and coordinated by Jerome Agel.
Marshall McLuhanThe Gutenberg GalaxyEnglandRhetoric

Question 3: It was published by Bantam books in 1967 and became a ________ and a cult classic.
NovelHarry PotterBestsellerThe New York Times Best Seller list

Question 4: For this and other reasons McLuhan is often hailed as a "________."

Question 5: The book presaged the development of the original ________ by two years, and preceded the widespread civilian use of the Internet by almost twenty.
ARPANETJ. C. R. LickliderE-mailDARPA

Question 6: Most contain ________ and images both modern and historic, juxtaposed in startling ways.
PhotographyColor photographyPhotographFilm speed

Question 7: The book was intended to make McLuhan's philosophy of media and communication, considered by some incomprehensible and esoteric, more accessible to a wider readership through the use of visual ________ and sparse text.

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