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The Marriage of Heaven and Hell: Quiz


Question 1: Huxley's contemporary, ________ wrote The Great Divorce about the divorce of Heaven and Hell, in response to Blake's Marriage.
The Screwtape LettersC. S. LewisThe Lion, the Witch and the WardrobeMere Christianity

Question 2: In contrast, the book has been interpreted as an anticipation of ________ and Jungian models of the mind, illustrating a struggle between a repressive superego and an amoral id.
Sigmund FreudExistentialismImmanuel KantWilliam James

Question 3: Like his other books, it was published as printed sheets from ________ plates containing prose, poetry, and illustrations.
MetalworkingStained glassEtchingBookbinding

Question 4: Unlike that of Milton or Dante, Blake's conception of Hell begins not as a place of punishment, but as a source of unrepressed, somewhat ________ energy, opposed to the authoritarian and regulated perception of Heaven.
Will to powerExistentialismNihilismApollonian and Dionysian

Question 5: The title is an ironic reference to ________'s theological work Heaven and Hell published in Latin 33 years earlier.
Gottfried LeibnizImmanuel KantEmanuel SwedenborgSoul

Question 6: This method helps to "cleanse the doors of perception." Blake promises to adopt this "infernal method" in his own works back on ________.

Question 7: Blake's purpose is to create what he called a "memorable fancy" in order to reveal to his readers the repressive nature of conventional morality and ________ religion, which he describes thus:
Social stratificationInstitutionSociologySystems theory

Question 8: The work was composed between 1790 and 1793, in the period of radical ferment and political conflict immediately after the ________.
National ConventionFrench RevolutionFrench DirectoryNational Constituent Assembly

Question 9: These display a very different kind of wisdom from the Biblical ________.
Books of ChroniclesSong of SongsBook of ProverbsPsalms

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