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Question 1: His father Federico (________), a well-respected university professor, believes that Batista should be replaced by constitutional means.
Spaghetti WesternCompañerosPoliziotteschiTomás Milián

Question 2: ________ declares there will be no elections and Che Guevara oversees the arrests and summary execution of all those who those thought to have supported the Batista regime.
Joseph StalinJimmy CarterGerald FordFidel Castro

Question 3: ________ as Don Federico Fellove
Spaghetti WesternPoliziotteschiTomás MiliánCompañeros

Question 4: Being a caricature of the writer and Greek chorus character seemed like a strange example of ________ in an otherwise conventional movie.
MetafictionMetatheatreStory within a storyMeta-reference

Question 5: The Lost City is a 2005 ________ directed by Andy García.
FilmFilmmakingMovie theaterIndependent film

Question 6: In one scene of the film actor ________ as Guevara is shown after an ambush casually shooting a wounded Batista soldier where he lies.
Life 102 (book)Sally KirklandLeigh Taylor-YoungJsu Garcia

Question 7: He again meets ________, who offers Fico a Cuban nightclub in Las Vegas.
Meyer LanskyBugsy SiegelHavana ConferenceAmerican Mafia

Question 8: Users of the ________ rated it 6.6 stars out of 10, with 5,558 votes as of March, 2010.
Internet Movie DatabaseBox Office

Question 9: In a last chance to convince her to leave, Fico barges in on a reception for revolutionary leaders and ________ ambassadors.
Joseph StalinIron CurtainBerlin WallEastern Bloc

Question 10: Brother Ricardo (Enrique Murciano) becomes a ________ while brother Luis (Nestor Carbonell) joins the democratic opposition.
CommunismCommunist stateMarxismSocialism


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