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Question 1: Unlike the novel, occurring in the 1950s, this cinematic version of The Long Goodbye occurs in the 1970s — a 1970s mirror of the lifestyle and culture of ________.
United StatesHollywood, Los Angeles, CaliforniaWestern United StatesNew England

Question 2: [5] Altman received a copy of the script while shooting Images in ________.
Northern IrelandWalesIrish peopleIreland

Question 3: [3] They commissioned the screenplay from Leigh Brackett who had written the script for the ________ version of The Big Sleep.
Humphrey BogartJames CagneyJames Stewart (actor)Lauren Bacall

Question 4: Producers Jerry Bick and Elliott Kastner bought the cinematic rights to The Long Goodbye novel and made a production deal with the ________ distribution company.
United ArtistsWarner Bros.Academy Award for Best PictureMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer

Question 5: Wade’s missing-husband case — visiting the sub-culture of "private" detoxification clinics for rich alcoholics and ________ — Marlowe learns that the Wades "knew" the Lennoxes socially.
Drug addictionDrug overdoseMood disorderDrug abuse

Question 6: After three days in jail, the police release him, because Terry Lennox committed ________ in Mexico.
CremationDeath and cultureSuicideEuthanasia

Question 7: The producers offered the script to both ________ and Peter Bogdanovich to direct it.
Howard HawksRio Bravo (film)Sergeant YorkTo Have and Have Not (film)

Question 8: ________, in an early role, as one of gangster Augustine’s thugs.
Tim PawlentyHaley BarbourDavid PatersonArnold Schwarzenegger

Question 9: The Long Goodbye at the ________
Internet Movie DatabaseCDNOWBox Office

Question 10: The screenplay is by ________, who was one of the writers on the screenplay of The Big Sleep in 1946.
Planetary romanceRaymond ChandlerEdgar Rice BurroughsLeigh Brackett

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