The Lonely Island: Quiz

Question 1:
Which of the following genres does The Lonely Island produce?

Question 2:

Question 3:

Question 4:
The Lonely Island name is associated with which of these acts?

Question 5:
Who of the following is a current member of The Lonely Island?

Question 6: [8] Based on 1990s contemporary R&B, such as Keith Sweat, Jodeci, and ________, the song is about giving gift-wrapped genitalia as a Christmas present to one's girlfriend.
Unfinished Business (R. Kelly & Jay-Z album)R. KellyR. Kelly discographyDouble Up (R. Kelly album)

Question 7:
What is The Lonely Island also known as?
Incredibad, the Dudes
R.S. Helm, Russ Helm
Backhand, Chuck Majors, Buick Adams, D.A. Adams, Claymore Rush, Brick Adams
Dream, Dreamer

Question 8:
What years was The Lonely Island active?

Question 9: A brief reference was also made to the band's song "________" on "Superjail" at the beginning of the episode "Terrorarium."
Dick in a BoxLazy SundayMacGruberSNL Digital Short

Question 10: ________ • G-Phoria (2005) • Awesometown • Saturday Night Live (2005–)
MTV Movie Award for Best PerformanceMTV Movie AwardsMTV Movie Award for Best On-Screen DuoMTV Movie Award for Best Kiss

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