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Question 1: The film had Production Design by John Barry (not to be confused with composer John Barry, who later composed a failed musical-adaptation of ________ for Broadway).
The Little PrinceArgentinaDelamater-Bevin Mansion2578 Saint-Exupéry

Question 2: But it is not until he finally reaches Earth, that the Little Prince learns his most important life lessons of all (mainly from the Fox played by Gene Wilder, and the Snake played by ________).
Ron FieldMichael BennettBob FosseAnn Reinking

Question 3: A soundtrack album was released by ________ (which had recently bought Paramount Records).
Dunhill RecordsImpulse! RecordsAmerican Broadcasting CompanyABC Records

Question 4: There he is befriended by a young boy, the Little Prince from ________ B-612.
CometAsteroidCeres (dwarf planet)Asteroid belt

Question 5: In the days that follow, the Pilot hears about his past and various journeys throughout the ________.
SunPlanetEarthSolar System

Question 6: The Little Prince is a 1974 musical film with a screenplay and lyrics by ________ and music by Frederick Loewe.
Alan Jay LernerBilly WilderJoseph L. MankiewiczAcademy Award for Best Writing (Adapted Screenplay)

Question 7: Additional cast members included ________ (who choreographed his own dance sequence), Gene Wilder, Donna McKechnie, Joss Ackland, and Victor Spinetti.
Ann ReinkingMichael BennettBob FosseRon Field

Question 8: The desert sequences were filmed on location in ________.


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