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The Littl' Bits: Quiz


Question 1: Music: ________, Shuki Levy
Bill ClintonHaim SabanDemocratic Party (United States)Tel Aviv

Question 2: Script: ________ (episode 2)
Michael McConnohieVR TroopersBig Bad BeetleborgsPower Rangers: Wild Force

Question 3: Snuffly (Japanese name, Manga) - A ________ who is Lillabit's friend and constant companion and often joins in the children's games.
Large black flying squirrelFlying squirrelSciurinaeSouthern flying squirrel

Question 4: The show was never released in ________, but homemade DVDs of the Italian and Arabic versions are available for purchase from some websites, as are some additional English episodes.
HD DVDLaserdiscBlu-ray DiscDVD

Question 5: They often take advantage of their animal friends for transportation, particularly Snuffly the ________ and Blue the hedgehog.
Large black flying squirrelSouthern flying squirrelFlying squirrelSciurinae

Question 6: The Littl' Bits at the ________
Amazon.comCDNOWInternet Movie DatabaseBox Office Mojo

Question 7: A few episodes of the show were released on ________ in the early 1990s; one of these tapes, called Litt'l Friends (sic), is still available on Amazon.
LaserdiscVHSHD DVDBlu-ray Disc

Question 8: The plot in every episode of the show had an important lesson for the young audience - amongst the important issues which were addressed in the series, were responsibility, patience, prejudice, hard work and the value of ________ and friends.

Question 9: Helpabit is famous for his delicious ________, with its secret ingredient of nectar from the flowers known as "Blue Lovelies."
European honey beeBeekeepingHoney beeHoney

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