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The Knight of Sainte-Hermine: Quiz


Question 1: A key scene features the ________, and the death of the British admiral Horatio Nelson.
War of the Third CoalitionTrafalgar CampaignBattle of Cape Finisterre (1805)Battle of Trafalgar

Question 2: Schopp kept the find a secret until 2005, confiding only Jean-Pierre Sicre, his editor, and Christophe Mercier, a ________.
Literary theoryLiterary criticismPoetryTragedy

Question 3: The swashbuckling historical novel takes place after the events of ________ and during the subsequent rise of the Napoleonic Empire.
National ConventionNational Constituent AssemblyFrench DirectoryFrench Revolution

Question 4: It is believed to be Dumas' last major work, and the story was lost until 2005, when it was announced that an almost-complete copy had been found in the form of a ________ serial.
NewspaperDefamationMedia biasNews media

Question 5: In reality, Nelson was killed by an unknown ________.
United States Marine CorpsSniperSniper rifleSpecial forces

Question 6: The Last Cavalier (originally published in France in 2005 under the title Le Chevalier de Sainte-Hermine) is an unfinished ________ by Alexandre Dumas.
Historical novelEuropeHistorical fictionNorway


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