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Question 1: [10] ________ provided soundstages for some interior filming.
BorehamwoodCentral Independent TelevisionHertfordshireElstree Studios

Question 2:
The King's Speech (film), Inglourious Basterds and V for Vendetta (film) are all:
British films Films set in London Films shot in London British drama films

Question 3: Photoset of filming at the Pullens Buildings, Southwark on ________
Yahoo! VideoYahoo! WidgetsFlickrYahoo! Search

Question 4:
Who was the cinematographer for The King's Speech (film)?
Bill Turnley
Ronald Victor Garcia
Jaywant Pathare
Danny Cohen

Question 5:
What studio produced The King's Speech (film)?
Productions Lazennec
Cheap and Dirty Productions Inc.
See Saw Films

Question 6:
Who of the following starred in The King's Speech (film)?

Question 7:
Who of the following was a direct of The King's Speech (film)?

Question 8:
Which of the following titles did The King's Speech (film) have?
Speech Therapy
Freedom of Speech
The King's Speech
Checkers Speech

Question 9:
What company distributed The King's Speech (film)?
20th Century Fox
The Weinstein Company

Question 10:
Who of these people produced The King's Speech (film)?
Gareth Unwin
Gareth Edwards
Richard Rainey, Gareth Mannix
Brian O'Shaughnessy and Grandmaster Gareth


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