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Question 1: The writers drew on many groups to develop the Movementarians, but were principally influenced by Scientology, Heaven's Gate, the Unification Church and ________.
Peoples TempleJim JonesJonestown conspiracy theoryJonestown

Question 2: Gray, Jonathan, ________ (2007).
Long Island UniversityColumbia UniversityPace UniversityFordham University

Question 3: Chris Turner's book Planet Simpson describes the Movementarians as a cross between the Church of Scientology and Raëlism, with lesser influences from Sun Myung Moon and ________.
B. R. AmbedkarRahul SankrityayanOsho (Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh)Swami Vivekananda

Question 4: Homer becomes ________, and moves his family into the cult compound.
PropagandaBullyingMind controlAnger

Question 5: Outside, she finds Reverend Lovejoy, Ned Flanders, and ________, and with their help, she poses as The Leader and tricks her children and Homer into leaving with her.
Bart SimpsonSpringfield Elementary SchoolHomer SimpsonGroundskeeper Willie

Question 6: [12] Pinsky found it ironic that Groening spoofed Scientology in spite of the fact that the voice of Bart Simpson, ________, is a Scientologist,[12][13] having joined in 1989.
Yeardley SmithJulie KavnerThe SimpsonsNancy Cartwright

Question 7: However, the Springfieldians are unconvinced after his outfit catches fire in a ________ display.
Explosive materialThe UndertakerPyrotechnicsFireworks

Question 8: [6] Planet Simpson also notes the Simpsons' chant at the conclusion of the episode as evidence of a "true high-growth quasi-religious cult of our time," referring to ________.
Closed captioningTelevisionMechanical televisionVideo

Question 9: In the episode, a ________ called the "Movementarians" takes over Springfield, and Homer and the rest of the Simpson family become members.
Post-cult traumaAnti-cult movementOpposition to cults and new religious movementsCult

Question 10: The episode was later analyzed from religious, philosophical and ________ perspectives, and books on The Simpsons compared the Movementarians to many of the same groups that the writers had drawn influences from.
Cognitive neuroscienceSigmund FreudNeuropsychologyPsychology


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