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The Irish News: Quiz


Question 1: The paper also launched their ________ section, An tEolas, with an island-wide billboard and television campaign.
Irish languageScottish GaelicIrelandNorthern Ireland

Question 2: It recently launched a viral video service entitled INTV, similar in style to ________ featuring Television Broadcast journalists reporting on and discussing topics mentioned in the paper.
Google searchGoogleGoogle VideosYouTube

Question 3: It is the second most read newspaper in Northern Ireland and it is also widely read in ________.
County DonegalBallyshannonLetterkennyLifford

Question 4: It focuses primarily on Ulster content, though it is also available throughout ________.
Irish peopleIrelandNorthern IrelandWales

Question 5: The Irish News is the only independently-owned daily newspaper based in ________ and has been so since its launch on 15 August 1891 as an anti-Parnell newspaper.
ScotlandUnited KingdomNorthern IrelandIrish people

Question 6: The Irish News is a compact-sized daily newspaper based in ________, Northern Ireland.

Question 7: Bringing events more up-to-date, the paper saw a dramatic growth in its circulation, with the beginning of ________ in 1968, peaking around the time of internment in 1971.
Bloody Sunday (1972)Omagh bombingThe TroublesProvisional Irish Republican Army campaign 1969–1997


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