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Question 1: [3] He then announced that the new owner of ECW was ________.
Stephanie McMahonChris JerichoTriple HChyna

Question 2: [1] This led to several run-in appearances of WCW wrestlers during Raw and SmackDown! over the months after ________.
WrestleMania XVWrestleMania X-SevenWrestleMania X8WrestleMania 2000

Question 3: It involved the WCW wrestlers "invading" WWF ________ in an attempt to "take over" the WWF.
TelevisionClosed captioningVideoMechanical television

Question 4: The angle began when Vince McMahon's son, ________, announced on Raw that he bought WCW from under his father's nose.
Chris JerichoGlenn JacobsThe UndertakerShane McMahon

Question 5: The Invasion was a professional wrestling storyline in the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) that began shortly after the WWF's purchase of ________ (WCW).
Extreme Championship WrestlingFlorida Championship WrestlingWorld Championship WrestlingAmerican Wrestling Association

Question 6: [16] During a July 12 SmackDown!, Stone Cold played "________" and "We Are the Champions" for McMahon, to which Vince was unresponsive.
African-American Civil Rights Movement (1955–1968)Joan BaezPete SeegerKumbaya

Question 7: [18] After they were finished, Brooklyn Brawler wheeled ________ into the room so he could address the wrestlers and pump them up for the night.
Bret HartTerry FunkHarley RaceFreddie Blassie

Question 8: Also, X-Pac beat ________ to become double champion of WWF Light Heavyweight Champion as well as WCW Cruiserweight Champion.
Matt HardyEddie GuerreroRey Mysterio, Jr.Billy Kidman

Question 9: Many of WCW's top wrestlers had contracts with ________ Time Warner, WCW's parent company, and were willing to sit at home rather than wrestle for less money.
AOLUnited StatesNetscapeJapan

Question 10: [39][40] Others, such as Hulk Hogan, ________, Scott Hall, and Goldberg, were not signed until well after the storyline finished.
Jeff JarrettRic FlairKevin NashJeff Hardy


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