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Question 1: Frank is a nihilist and selfish moral degenerate who has participated in every ________ pleasure, extreme experience and sexual perversion known to man, each time seeking a greater pleasure higher than the last.

Question 2: It was originally published in 1986 by Dark Harvest in the third volume of their Night Visions anthology series, but was re-released as a stand-alone title by ________ in 1988 after the success of the movie.
William Morrow and CompanyHarperCollinsNational Geographic WildFox News Channel

Question 3: The Hellbound Heart is a horror novella by ________ that was the basis for the movie Hellraiser.
Clive BarkerThe Midnight Meat TrainRazorlineWeaveworld

Question 4: A gateway opens and appearing from it are the Cenobites, a race of distorted creatures who practice an extreme form of ________ centred around agonising torture and mutilation.
Bondage (sexual)SadomasochismJapanese bondageAnimal roleplay

Question 5: It retains the gory, visceral style that Barker introduced in his series of collected short stories ________.
Clive BarkerWeaveworldCabal (novella)Books of Blood

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