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The Hazards of Love: Quiz


Question 1: On March 20, 2009, ________ began streaming the full album on imeem.
Money (magazine)Sports IllustratedEntertainment WeeklyPeople (magazine)

Question 2: The Hazards of Love, released March 24, 2009, is the fifth and most recent album by ________.
The Crane WifeChris FunkColin MeloyThe Decemberists

Question 3: [1] The album was inspired by an ________ EP titled The Hazards of Love.
Folk clubAnne BriggsSandy DennyBert Jansch

Question 4: On January 15, 2009, "The Rake's Song" became available as a free download on their ________ page.

Question 5: The plot is a love story: a woman named Margaret (voiced by Stark) falls in love with a shape-shifting ________ dweller named William (voiced by Meloy).
Temperate broadleaf and mixed forestsTundraTropical and subtropical dry broadleaf forestsTaiga

Question 6: This was followed on February 16, 2009 by "The Hazards of Love 1," again on ________.

Question 7: ________ (5.7/10) link
Don't Look Back (concert series)Pitchfork MediaThe Pitchfork 500Pitchfork Music Festival

Question 8: The Hazards of Love is a rock opera, with all songs contributing to a unified narrative, similar to the use of recurring stories in ________.
The DecemberistsPicaresque (album)The Crane WifeHer Majesty the Decemberists

Question 9: A jealous forest queen and William's mother (voiced by Worden), the villainous Rake (also voiced by Meloy) and an ensemble of recurring characters bring conflict to the album's ________.
Serial (radio and television)Story arcSoap operaLost (TV series)


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