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The Hangover (film): Quiz


Question 1:
Who of the following was a direct of The Hangover (film)?

Question 2:
Who did the editing for The Hangover (film)?
Jou00EBle Van Effenterre
O. Nicholas Brown
Debra Neil-Fisher
James C. McKay

Question 3:
Who of the following starred in The Hangover (film)?
Christopher Allen Nelson
Ed Helms
Victoria Pratt,
Peter Sa'ena Brown,

Question 4: The Dan Band also has a version of ________ Hit single "Candy Shop".
50 Cent50 Cent discography50 Cent Is the FutureGet Rich or Die Tryin' (soundtrack)

Question 5:

Question 6:
Who did the music for The Hangover (film)?

Question 7:
The Hangover (film), The Hangover (film) and The Godfather are all:
Films set in Las Vegas 2000s comedy films Best Musical or Comedy Picture Golden Globe winners Films shot in Las Vegas

Question 8:

Question 9: Phil negotiates their release in exchange for the three groomsmen "volunteering" as targets for a humiliating ________ demonstration.
Robert Dziekański Taser incidentTaser safety issuesTaserSpecial Emergency Response Team (Queensland)

Question 10:
Who wrote The Hangover (film)?
Jon Lucas
Sonny LeMaire, Shane Minor, Clay Mills
Michael Roesch,
Monte Merrick

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