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The Guide for the Perplexed: Quiz


Question 1: A novel point is that Maimonides connects the Heavenly Sphere with the concept of an ________: these are seen as the same thing.
AngelMichael (archangel)ArchangelJesus

Question 2: ________, The Literary Character of the Guide for the Perplexed This essay has been printed in a number of volumes, including Buijs's volume (above) and as a chapter in Strauss's own "Persecution in the Art of Writing".
AristotlePolitical philosophyDavid HumeLeo Strauss

Question 3: Maimonides outlines 13 levels of prophecy, with that of ________ being the highest and most unimpeded.

Question 4: The second major part of the book is the discussion of the concept of ________.

Question 5: This is followed by an analysis of the ________ aspects of the universe.
Moral relativismConscienceMoralityVirtue

Question 6: In the Bible, one can find many expressions which describe ________ in human terms, for instance the "hand of God".

Question 7:
  • Seforim Online (#217) Munk and Joel edition (public domain, free download in ________).
    Office Open XMLOpenDocumentPortable Document FormatC Sharp (programming language)

Question 8: Each chapter was about a term used to describe God (such as "mighty") and in each case, Maimonides presented a case that the word is a ________, whereby its usage when describing a physical entity is completely different from when describing God.
HomonymPolysemyHomographHeterography and homography

Question 9: However, he departs from traditional Rabbinic explanations in favour of a more physical/________ approach.

Question 10: The most popular English translation is the two volume set The Guide of the Perplexed, translated by Shlomo Pines, with an extensive introductory essay by ________, published in 1963.
Political philosophyDavid HumeAristotleLeo Strauss


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