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The Grinning Man: Quiz


Question 1: Several Grinning Man reports were made in 1966, during the same period as the Point Pleasant, West Virginia ________ sightings.

Question 2:
Where does The Grinning Man come from?

Question 3:
What is The Grinning Man's current status?
Active / Unknown
Held in extrajudicial detention in CIA custody, current location unknown
unknown, presumed alive

Question 4:

Question 5: Well-known author, paranormal investigator, and journalist John A. Keel visited the two boys in ________, three days after the incident.
Plainfield, New JerseyLinden, New JerseyElizabeth, New JerseyUnion Township, Union County, New Jersey

Question 6: Perhaps the most famous sighting of a Grinning Man is reported to have taken place on October 11, 1966 in ________.
Plainfield, New JerseyElizabeth, New JerseyUnion Township, Union County, New JerseyLinden, New Jersey

Question 7: The report states that a "blazing white light as big as a car" almost hit the 550-foot tall television tower outside of ________.
Pompton Lakes, New JerseyWayne, New JerseyWest Milford, New JerseyBloomingdale, New Jersey

Question 8: The Grinning Man is sometimes described as being an extraterrestrial, Men in Black or a hominid cryptid and was investigated by notable paranormal author ________ and ufologist James Moseley.
Unidentified flying objectJohn KeelJacques ValléeExtraterrestrial hypothesis

Question 9: One notable fact is that the ________ was known to utter a cry that sounded similar to a baby crying or woman screaming.

Question 10: Arguably the best known Grinning Man was ________, who appeared during the 1960s' Mothman sightings.


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