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The Graves (film): Quiz


Question 1: The film runs at the ________ IV[9] and premiered here on 29 January 2010.
From Within (film)After Dark HorrorfestBorderland (film)Mulberry Street (film)

Question 2: The principal photography was shot on location in the ________ near Wickenburg, Arizona over the course of 4 weeks and the project has entered post-production.
Great BasinColorado PlateauMojave DesertSonoran Desert

Question 3: Described as a "supernatural survival shocker," it is written and directed by veteran ________ creator Brian Pulido and produced by the Ronalds Brothers.
Comic bookGraphic novelAmerican comic bookComics

Question 4: The Graves is a ________ due for release in 2010.
Splatter filmHorror filmExploitation filmSlasher film

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