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The Grace (band): Quiz


Question 1: Their official name became CSJH (Chun Sang Ji Hee) (________: 천상지희; Hanja: 天上智喜) which means "Wisdom and Joy above the Firmament (Heaven)".
Brāhmī scriptHebrew alphabetHangulAlphabet

Question 2: As their voices matched well, SM decided to make the four a new ________ group, which, following TVXQ's steps, would also be an a cappella group.
Bubblegum popK-popJ-popBoy band

Question 3: Both singles has low sales, even though UsotsukiBOY was produced by the famous Japanese rap duo ________.
Award Supernova: Loves BestBoAM-FloBeat Space Nine

Question 4: The Grace shared the stage with another SM star, ________, in order to introduce themselves.
Super JuniorKangtaH.O.T.Shinhwa

Question 5:
The Grace (band), TVXQ and Kumi Koda are all:
Rhythm Zone artists Girl groups 2000s music groups SM Town

Question 6: However in December 2003, the boy band ________ debuted and became a great success all over Asia.
Micky (singer)XiahTVXQHero (singer)

Question 7: The Japanese single Boomerang was released in China on June 19 by ________ official Chinese distributor CRSC.
Sony Music Entertainment JapanEMI Music JapanPony CanyonAvex Group

Question 8: It featured three new songs: a dance number named Piranha and Japanese versions of the songs My Everything and Just For One Day, which features ________'s JaeJoong.
Hero (singer)TVXQXiahMicky (singer)

Question 9:
The Grace (band), Arashi and KAT-TUN are all:
K-pop Japanese pop music groups SM Town Rhythm Zone artists

Question 10: Although The Grace was first marketed as an a cappella pop group, they strayed away from that image and became a typical pop/dance ________ with their later releases.
Rock musicBoy bandJ-popGirl group

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