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The Four Stages of Cruelty: Quiz


Question 1: Having been tried and found guilty of murder, Nero has now been ________ and his body taken for the ignominious process of public dissection.
Capital punishment in the United StatesHangingCapital punishmentCapital punishment in the United Kingdom

Question 2: The composition of the scene is a ________ of the frontispiece of Andreas Vesalius's De humani corporis fabrica, and it possibly also borrows from Quack Physicians' Hall (c.
"Weird Al" YankovicMass (music)PastichePostmodernism

Question 3: The composition of the image may allude to ________'s The Arrest of Christ.
Anthony van DyckEnglish artPeter Paul RubensEngland

Question 4: Below the text the authorship is established: Designed by W. Hogarth, Published according to Act of Parliament. Feb. 1. 1751. The ________ referred to is the Engraving Copyright Act 1734.
LawCommon lawAct of ParliamentLegal systems of the world

Question 5: The prints were intended as a form of moral instruction; Hogarth was dismayed by the routine acts of cruelty he witnessed on the streets of ________.

Question 6: Two skeletons to the rear left and right of the print are labelled as James Field, a well-known boxer who also featured on a poster in the second plate, and Macleane, an infamous ________.
HighwaymanOutlawRobin HoodDick Turpin

Question 7: [5] An initialled badge on the shoulder of his light-hued and ragged coat shows him to be a pupil of the charity school of the ________ of St Giles.

Question 8: There are also differences in the wording of the letter[1] and some items, like the lantern and books, are larger and simpler while others, such as the man to the left of Tom and the ________ bush, have been removed.
TopiaryGardeningHidcote Manor GardenHedge

Question 9: Hogarth used this notorious slum area as the background for many of his works including Gin Lane and Noon, part of the ________ series.
Four Times of the DayAugustan literatureWilliam HogarthThe Four Stages of Cruelty

Question 10: In a satirical aside, Hogarth shows four corpulent ________ struggling to climb out of the carriage in a ludicrous state.

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