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The Flying Dutchman (opera): Quiz


Question 1:
The Flying Dutchman (opera), Der Ring des Nibelungen and Das Rheingold are all:
Norway in fiction 1843 operas German-language operas Operas

Question 2: Wagner conducted the premiere at the Semper Oper in ________, 1843.

Question 3: Wagner actually sold the sketch to the Director of the Opéra, Léon Pillet, for 500 ________, but was unable to convince him that the music was worth anything.
FrancCongolese francComorian francCFA franc

Question 4: Wagner was writing Rienzi and hatched a plan to flee his creditors in Riga, escape to Paris via ________ and make his fortune by putting Rienzi on to the stage of the Paris Opéra.

Question 5: In Der fliegende Holländer Wagner uses a number of ________ (literally, "leading motifs") associated with the characters and themes.

Question 6:
The Flying Dutchman (opera), Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea and The Flying Dutchman (opera) are all:
Netherlands in fiction Norway in fiction 1843 operas Operas

Question 7: The Wagners were reduced to ________, relying on handouts from friends and from the little income that Wagner could make writing articles on music and copying scores.
FaminePovertyPoverty reductionOverpopulation

Question 8:
The Flying Dutchman (opera), Lohengrin (opera) and Tannhuser (opera) are all:
1843 operas Norway in fiction Romantische Opern German-language operas

Question 9: However this plan quickly turned to disaster: his passport having been seized by the authorities on behalf of his creditors, he and Minna had to make a dangerous and illegal crossing over the Prussian border, during which Minna suffered a ________.
Breech birthMiscarriageHydatidiform moleEctopic pregnancy

Question 10: Der fliegende Holländer (The Flying Dutchman) is an opera, with music and libretto by ________.
Felix MendelssohnRichard WagnerHector BerliozFranz Liszt

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