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The Five Doctors: Quiz


Question 1: The broadcast in the United Kingdom was delayed two days so it could coincide with the BBC's ________ charity night, with an outro in character by Peter Davison.
Children in Need 2007Children in NeedChildren in Need 2009Comic Relief

Question 2: The Special Edition was the first Doctor Who story to be released on ________, on 1 November 1999.
Blu-ray DiscLaserdiscDVDHD DVD

Question 3: According to Lis Sladen, on the twenty-fifth anniversary ________ commentary, the line was supposed to be Sladen's, but Pertwee negotiated with her for him to say it instead, leading to the problem.
LaserdiscBlu-ray DiscHD DVDDVD

Question 4: Nicholas Courtney________
Brigadier Lethbridge-StewartUNITCompanion (Doctor Who)Sarah Jane Smith

Question 5: The programme is officially a co-production with the ________, although the production team were not aware of this during production and the agreement in effect amounted to little more than a pre-production purchase pact.
Australian Broadcasting CorporationABC Radio and Regional ContentTelevision in AustraliaABC Television

Question 6: There are various fan explanations for this and it is noted that it is the Brigadier only that they should not have recognised as neither of them would remember meeting him in ________ and The Invasion respectively.
Companion (Doctor Who)The Enemy of the WorldThe Abominable SnowmenThe Web of Fear

Question 7: This serial ended fan speculation as to whether or not ________ and Jon Pertwee's Doctors were regenerations or merely "changes of appearance".
Peter CushingAndré MorellPatrick TroughtonDuncan Lamont

Question 8: In ________, it is revealled that Rassilon was the Lord President of Gallifrey at the end of the Time War and would embark on an elaborate plan to save his race from destruction; how Rassilon came to be a living Time Lord again during the conflict has yet to be revealled.
Journey's End (Doctor Who)Companion (Doctor Who)The Stolen EarthThe End of Time

Question 9: In "________", however, she hides him and panics when he rushes past her fiance, quickly making up a cover story.
The Sarah Jane AdventuresJourney's End (Doctor Who)The Mad Woman in the AtticThe Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith

Question 10: Camfield was also very ill with ________, and this may have had an impact on his decision not to direct the production.
Myocardial infarctionCardiovascular diseaseHeart diseaseCardiomyopathy


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